Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Getting Started

Today is Day 1 of my “Revitalize Me” project.

A friend of mine took this picture of me over the holidays, it is not flattering in the least. But I am hoping that maybe it will help to be a catalyst for my 2013 project.


My resolution for 2013, for lack of a better word, is to improve. And since that is rather vague I’ve come up with a couple of steps. These will probably change as I make progress but I am starting small to ramp up and see how I make out.

Tasks for the year:

  1. Eat 5 fruits or veggies/day
  2. Get a minimum of 3 days of exercise/ wk
  3. Blog 4/ wk (also at a minimum)
  4. Do 1 action weekly to encourage myself and/or to improve somehow and/or to create a more positive outlook. (I think my first task will be to come up with a musical playlist with empowering songs. This may seem weird to some but I think listening to some positive music will help me re-focus when I need it. I’ll share them when I get at least 10 songs in there.) So I guess I need to come up with another 51 actions to add to my list. Stay tuned.

To learn more about what I am trying to accomplish here, check out the About section.

So day 1 of life improvement … well, it was a bumpy start. I got some exercise, 40 minutes of shovelling whether I wanted to or not 😉 but then I was too tired and had no groceries so ate bacon and chocolate for supper. I kid you not. I wish I was.

Tomorrow, there will be grocery shopping to fix the no groceries excuse and get me started on task #1. Sigh, I’m already having issues. Hopefully it will get easier and I’ll manage to fix some very bad eating habits. But I have had a long time to create them so I will try my best to change them over time. And I hope to have a much more flattering picture to post at the end of the year.

I think I will create a Weekly Action page to list my 52 actions. It may not start out with 52 but will grow as they year passes. Feel free to offer up some interesting self-improvement or development tasks. I can’t say whether they will make the list or not but I’m open to ideas 🙂


Comments on: "Getting Started" (1)

  1. you go girl….seize the day, everyday! The world needs more positive vibes and beautiful people, thanks for sharing. (I feel sad to admit it but chocolate and bacon kinda sounds good)

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