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Retrain Your Brain

focusDid you know that you can refocus your thoughts?

I know that lots of people say that you have a choice when you react to things and lots of others reply that it’s too hard or takes too much effort or that they feel like they just can’t. But I have discovered (not so long ago) that it is easier than you might think.

First of all, I have a bad habit on dwelling on things that may not be so healthy to dwell on, ok, they are definitely not healthy to dwell on which is why I am happy to have found a method that works for me. Of course, I’m still not in the habit of using it all the time but I try to when I get stuck on some of the key negative things for me.

So how do I do it you ask? I talk to my brain. Yep, I do. And it listens, lol. So when my brain takes off in some obsessive, unhealthy way, I acknowledge it. I say stuff like “brain, I understand that that person used to be a big part of my life but they aren’t any more and it doesn’t help to think about them, so let’s think about this other thing” or “brain, I understand that the reason why we are thinking like this is that it is a type of protective reaction, but the likelihood is that that is not what will really happen” or how about something really specific… “brain, I know that I’ve gained some weight recently but I am strong enough and smart enough to work on this issue”. Seriously, it has been working for me.

Try it yourself. I dare you! And please let me know if it worked for you or not. I’d love to hear your results.


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