Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Concluding Week 1

So how did the first week of 2013 go?

successI think that overall it was a success. I accomplished my first weekly action, I created a playlist of empowering songs and I’ve listened to it as well. I may revamp it a bit in the future but I’m pretty happy with the music overall. I also did pretty well upping my fruit and veggie intake. Today wasn’t as good as it could have been as we were running the roads but it wasn’t a total wash either. The exercise could have been better, although I shovelled twice and went skating once so that was not a bad start. I wouldn’t call what I did high intensity but I was up off the couch – yay me! And I definitely hit my blogging goal, so like I said, all in all, a successful first week.

Now I have to tackle the second weekly action. I have a couple of resources for positive thinking that I already use but need to add to it. I’ll compile the list this week and get it ready for you (and me) to peruse later on through the year. I also need to add to my weekly action list. It’s looking pretty sparse at the moment. Feel free to offer up some ideas, obviously I could use the help. They should be actions that will help me grow as a person and improve my overall happiness, health and relationships. They don’t have to cover everything at once but one of those things would be a good start 🙂


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