Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

One of the few things I was managing to accomplish for this whole resolutions thing was blogging a minimum of 4 times/wk. Well, it didn’t take me long to blow that, 3 weeks as a matter of fact. I only managed 3 blog posts last week 😦  But I’m going to make it up this week. I will do an extra one for for sure. I mean it… well, I have the best intentions at the moment.

unbrokenThe reason I blew it is because of the book I’m reading, it’s called Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I blame Laura, if she didn’t write such a compelling story then I would have been able to put the book down and write my blog post last night 😉 The story is based on the real life of Louis Zamperini, and what an amazing story. If you think your life is hard you should read about what Louis has been through in his life and survived, from being lost at sea on a rubber raft for 47 days to fighting off sharks to being captured by the enemy and being a POW for years, and I’m not finished yet. So, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, it was Laura’s fault!

How about an overall update on my progress? Here goes: my eating and exercise is weak at best but I still haven’t given up hope. I have a whole year to to bring it in line and it’s really not surprising me that I am struggling with this aspect of things. I have many years of bad habits to adjust. Baby steps here. The one thing I am doing well at is the 52 actions. I like having the weekly goals. They are very achievable and I’m doing great there. And as a general how am I feeling, I’m feeling pretty great. My attitude is a lot more positive so something is working 🙂


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