Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Taking Stock of Month 1

So it’s not quite the end of January yet but it is still a good day to take stock of what’s happened this past month.

Eating more fruits and veggies/ day – sometimes this seems easy to do; I’m on a smoothie kick and that certainly helps,but not everyday has been a success. Even though I have not eaten all the fruits and veggies I should have, I still managed to lose the weight I put on over Christmas so that is a BIG PLUS! My motto for this part is Don’t Give Up!

Exercising – There’s really no excuse for the lack of exercise, I’m not working, lol, so there’s time. I have had some sporadic exercise in there, like I played badminton for an hour on the weekend. I just need to turn it into a more regular occurrence. There is a badminton group in town that meets on Tues nights so I’m going to call for details tomorrow. Joining a badminton group would be exercise and meeting people all in one so that is on my to do list.

Blog 4 times/ week – one week I missed my 4 target but during the first week I posted one extra one, so I’m going to say Good Job on this one!! Some days I’m not sure if the blog posts are useful or not but it is good to be writing.

52 Actions – I really like the weekly goals. Now last week didn’t go quite as well as planned, the weather was against me and I had a bad food week, but overall I find them helpful. They keep me focused on a goal and they make me a little pro-active. Sometimes I know a goal is coming up and I’m encouraged to do it before that week arrives. I still have lots of empty weeks to fill in but more ideas will come to me as the year goes on. I do have 15 listed at the moment 😉

Putting myself out there more and creating better relationships – this isn’t actually on the Improve list but it is part of the more meaningful relationships section so one of the things I am doing is trying harder to keep in touch with some of the people from my last job. Now some of them live far away so that means Skype and Facebook but there have been a few lunches this month and one get-together. It’s nice to talk to people in person 🙂

Getting a job – this is not on the list either but it’s a good idea, lol. No job yet but I have done a little bit of contract work which is nice, it won’t last forever but is better than nothing. I’m super hoping something happens on this front soon, it’s nice not to be working but it’d be nicer to have a regular pay check.

General happiness – I’ve been in a better mood for most of the month. Now not everyday is good but lots of the days are pretty ok!

So overall not a bad month, lots of work to do yet but some progress has been made.


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