Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Jan 2013

Jan 2013

I’m late with the January photo,  but this is a personal blog soI’m lucky it got taken at all, lol. It was actually taken today but it’s close enough that I’m still counting it for January.

I have a question, why is it when you look at yourself in the mirror, you think, I don’t look so bad. I don’t need to lose that much weight. And then someone takes a photo… and all of a sudden, you are thinking YIKES, when did that happen? Seriously, before this picture was taken I thought I don’t look so bad… and then the close up of the picture tells no lies. I mean I’m not disfigured but I’m not svelte either.

So here is the deal after one month; I’ve actually lost about 6 lbs according to the scale (mind you the battery is dying so it may not be right). That is what I am going with today. If after I change the battery that changes, well, I’ll keep it to myself until the end of Feb 😉

So how did I lose 6 lbs in a month? I’d love to say I’m super dedicated but that’s not really it. Last year and who knows for how long before that, I was letting my sweet tooth rule all of my eating decisions. Now, I’m trying to take some control over my eating. We eat a lot more smoothies these days. And even those have been adjusted to include water instead of juice, nothing but fruit and perhaps some spinach. I’m eating more salads (the kids don’t love salads like they do the smoothies.) I’m eating less junk, I certainly haven’t cut it out like I should but increasing the fruits and veggies is making me less hungry for crappy snacks. As for the kids, well they’ve always eaten better than me because I look after them better for some reason. But no more.

My old job used to have a kitchen full of snacks. Some healthy but many not. I think I am eating less food in total now that I am hanging out at home. So overall, I have somewhat adjusted the types of food I am eating and I think I have reduced the overall quantity as well. It’s not a solid weight loss plan as it doesn’t have specific foods I can’t eat and a specific number of calories I need to stick to. It is more about eating healthier, I just hope that losing more weight will be a much appreciated side effect of the healthier eating.

Wish me luck for next month. I’m hoping for continued success.


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