Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Pep Talk

Have you seen the Kid President video yet? The one where he gives you a pep talk? No, really? Well here you gotta see it, it’s cute. And if you’ve already seen it you should probably watch it again anyways 😉

So it turns out the world needs us to stop being boring, and I have to admit, it’s right. We should want to be on the path that leads to AWESOME. Who doesn’t want some AWESOME? I’ve got plenty of regular and loads of less than stellar. Please bring on the AWESOME!

“We were made to be awesome, let’s dance about it. What are you doing to be awesome?”  

I knew there had to be a trick to it. Turns out nobody’s gonna deliver AWESOME to my door. It turns out I have to go make some on my own. Have I done it yet? Well for me it is a slow process but I’m taking some baby steps.  I asked a guy to go out for coffee. It’s not much but it’s the first step. However I think he’s probably going to cancel. And recently I’ve made multiple plans to go out with friends and they’ve been cancelled due to weather. Some days it makes me wonder why I bother but if I don’t keep taking the baby steps how am I ever going to get anywhere?

You have to keep in mind that every journey starts with a small step. And the next journey could be the one to AWESOME! If I can make my life a little bit better I’m helping to add happiness to the world and make it a better place.


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