Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

A Little Blizzard Time

I really wanted cookies for a snack tonight and since there were none in the house, I had unsweetened apple sauce instead. Definitely not the same as cookies but also way better for me than cookies. So my thoughts yesterday about not having junk food in the house still hold true. Not really a surprise but I guess I am more conscious of it now.

Today we had a snowstorm, they called it a blizzard actually. It was the perfect reason to stay in the house and get to work scrapbooking those Walt Disney pictures from over a year ago. We didn’t get the album finished but I did surpass my goal of 6 pages. I got 8 pages done and my daughter got 6 done so we are about half way through. We’ll have to have another afternoon of it before we are finished but I am really glad that we got started. Like I said, we have been putting it off for over a year.

Tomorrow the plan is to take advantage of the new snow and go sledding. We haven’t made it out yet this year because it has either been storming or in the minus 20’s with the wind chill. The temperature isn’t looking too bad for tomorrow so it is on the schedule. Along with shovelling since we didn’t even go outside today. I did take a peek out though and it turns out one of my neighbours did a big chunk of my driveway for me. It was super nice of them esp since we got at least 2 feet of snow.

So I look forward to checking another item off my 52 Actions list. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the temperature stays relatively decent and the kids still want to go.



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