Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

We Went Sledding!

We went sledding today!


It was great fun and a gorgeous day. I expected the snow hill in our neighbourhood to be packed with kids but no one was there when we got there. That only lasted for about 5 minutes. Several other folks showed up to partake in the outdoor fun as well.

The hill didn’t have as much snow as expected due to most of it blowing off but once we got a few runs in the sliding got better and better. I could have stayed longer but the kids got tired of climbing the hill after many runs.

We took 3 sleds with us and the most popular of the bunch was not the newest more hi-tech one but the old fashioned toboggan. It’s fun to sled together and all 3 of us could easily fit on our big toboggan. We actually could have left the other 2 at home for as much as they got used.

I’m happy the weather cooperated and enabled us to get both of my actions done for this week. Next week involves cleaning my fridge, I may even do that before the weekend since I’ve got company coming on Saturday for a girls night 🙂


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