Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

2 somebodys did something really nice for me today 🙂

snowWe had a big storm over the weekend, just like last weekend as a matter of fact. Actually, there has been no lack of messy weather or snow this winter and all of this snow gives one lots of opportunities for shovelling.

Shovelling is not my favourite thing to do but it does have two benefits: it gets me outside to enjoy the fresh winter air and it provides me with some great exercise. How’s that for looking at the positive side of things??

Today must have been my lucky day as the benefits of shovelling were not the only things that I got to appreciate. While I was outside, scooping up the piles of 18 inch deep snow, I saw the sidewalk snowplow guy headed my way. He was blowing snow like a pro and a little part of me hoped that he might help me with the last 2 feet or so of my driveway. As he approached I decided to back away so that I wouldn’t get hit by the fountain of snow that he was spewing forth.

As luck would have it, he noticed that I didn’t have much left to do and swerved into my driveway slightly to take care of the rest of the work for me. I was very happy! Although I value the health benefits of the exercise that I was getting, I was ready to be done. I gave him my most brilliant smile and a big wave as he made the final pass. I hope he knows how much I appreciated his decision to help.

I’m getting better at being grateful for many everyday things in addition to the unexpected gestures. Take today for instance, not only did the snowplow guy brighten my day but there were several more wonderful things in there as well: playing badminton, warm tea biscuits fresh from the oven, leftover homemade soup, hanging with my girls on a snow day, watching my youngest enjoy some second hand roller skates that I got for $10, and the list goes on. Something I would like to continue to get better at is recognizing these  fantastic things immediately. Some of them I don’t notice until I do a quick review of my day. I’d like to learn to appreciate them more during the moment when they are happening. I think that would help with the positive attitude one hundred fold.

And if you’re wondering about the other really nice gesture that was easy to spot at the time… my oldest was helping me shovel for awhile until her fingers started to freeze. I let her head inside and, without asking, she made me some hot chocolate in a travel mug 🙂 Who doesn’t love hot chocolate on a snowy, blowy day?


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