Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Job Interview Yesterday

job interviewI had a job interview yesterday.

I was feeling less than positive about it at the beginning of the week. They sent me some situational type questions to answer before I went in. There were only 4, but the first one on the list referred to work experience from 10+ years ago. The questions were daunting and they were only part of what was to be an hour long interview so I was feeling a little deflated.

I avoided those questions all week. I finally broke down and answered them the day before the interview. It was a time-consuming process. I had to search for appropriate and recent experiences that made sense and showed me in a good light. But I did it and I was prepared when I went in.

I think the interview went well. One of the interviewers came right out and told me that one of my answers was a good one – woot! So I’m really hoping to get this job. It sounds like a good gig, it’s a small team who all work together in the same office and the pay is what I’m looking for. Now I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping the gods are smiling upon me. It’d be good to get to work and start something new. And I promise to continue on here and follow this through to wherever it’s going no matter what. This is my project for revitalizing me and it isn’t over once I get a job. I’ve got lots more work to do.


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