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I’m An Over-Thinker

dont-overthink-itA new friend of mine asked me if I over-think things. To answer that truthfully I have to say yes. On one hand, thinking things through and evaluating both sides of the situation can be a good thing. On the other hand, over-thinking may just be another term for obsessing. It certainly does not have a positive connotation or definition when you look it up; Dictionary.com defines it this way: to spend more time thinking about something than is necessary or productive.

Usually I like to think that over-thinking isn’t a problem for me but sometimes it’s hard for me to go with the flow, to take one day at a time. Sometimes I create issues that may not even be there and sometimes “what if” tries to pull me down into a vortex of indecision. As a matter of fact, I’ve been known to review something over and over again to see if I can figure out where I might have went wrong when in the end it may not even matter any more.

I wonder if I can get to the point where I can ask myself the question, “is this thinking actually productive?” I think if I could figure out how to do that I could find some happy medium when it comes to thinking about things. Or maybe I just need to cut out the what-ifs because sometimes there are so many possible unknowns that one shouldn’t bother in the first place.

Life is about risk-taking and living, regular thinking can help you avoid the big mistakes and pitfalls but perhaps over-thinking can cause you to miss some of the fun. Something to think about….


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