Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Unsolicited Advice

free adviceSo I have someone who has taken an interest in my blog and has offered up some unsolicited advice, lol. First of all, let me start by saying that I never had any lofty goals for this blog, I don’t expect many people to read it and it’s main purpose is to make me more accountable which I hope will help me achieve my goals.

That being said, I guess an underlying purpose, which I never stated, was that this blog is kind of a test too. A test to see if I could invest the time and effort into a blog and to see if people might actually like to read it. It’s a test to see if I could write content that people are interested in, or maybe to figure out what I like to write about and what people like to read and see if they are a match.

So although the advice was unsolicited, it is good to get some feedback. I know that some of what I have written here is really not going to be of interest to most but if I want to use this blog as a true test, I guess I should put more of an effort into it. Or maybe I should just jump right into a second blog and really see if I can make a go of it. Did I mention I over-think things?


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