Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

My photographer is back in the house so the new picture for the end of February has been taken. Guess what? It looks pretty much the same as last months (except I’m wearing different clothes). This is not surprising in the least as I am only down 3 pounds this month but that’s ok, my weight is going down, not up, so any and all progress is good!

Feb 2013

Feb 2013

I’ve just started week 10 of my project to revitalize myself and although it feels like I have loads of time left I’m really almost 1/5 of the way into it. When you put it that way it feels like I really should be getting into the swing of things by now. In a couple of ways I am I guess but I still feel like I have so far to go.

I’m starting to see this as something much bigger than originally anticipated. If I let it, it could be the proverbial fork in the road and I could be in the process of making a decision to take the road less travelled. I know I’m mixing my sayings but the point is still clear (or clearish); revitalizing my life could be something really big and it could change the way I live my life overall or it could be much smaller changes that affect things in a smaller way. The choice is up to me and as per usual I’m over-thinking.

The potential for shaking things up in a major way is scary. But the potential is there if I want to reach out and grab it. Or I can keep going on the same path I am on, the safe and boring path…

Damn decisions.


Comments on: "Is this my Fork in the Road?" (2)

  1. Damn decisions, indeed. Change is both beautiful and scary. Be grateful for the moments when it seems slower than you’d like – no matter what type of change you’re seeking. Sometimes it’s just better that way.

  2. Thanks Jenn, you rock. You always come across to me as fearless and that is something I greatly admire about you!

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