Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

So as I sit home alone on yet another Saturday night an interesting thought pops into my head. What if I went out and met some people? Now for those of you with a somewhat outgoing personality that seems like no big feat, but for me, the thought of putting myself out there to engage in small talk with strangers is about as inviting as having tea with a pack of rabid wolves.

I briefly entertained the idea of heading to the local grocery store and saying hi to someone or heading to the local pub and ordering a drink at the bar and hoping that someone would come and talk to me. Both ideas filled me with dread. So I continued to sit on my couch and think sullen thoughts about being alone.

I know I am on this self-improvement kick right now. Some days it works better than others and some days I wish I wasn’t home by myself yet again. I’ve always wished I was a more outgoing person and good at small talk and yet I feel like I am becoming more anti-social and introverted as I get older. I find it difficult to “connect” with people. I wouldn’t say that I am socially awkward but I would say that I prefer a small get together with a few friends over a party filled with strangers any day.

As you can see, I am facing a challenge:

  • how do I stop spending all my evenings by myself when my kids aren’t here?
  • how do I create a larger group of friends to hang out with, esp some single friends that are not doing couple or family things?
  • how do I create more meaningful relationships?
  • how do I get comfortable talking to strangers?

As I sat on the couch, an idea started that made me a little panicky but also made me think I really need to kick this Revitalize Me project in the butt and get it moving. I need to push myself if I am going to change my life and there is no time like the present. The basic idea is to conduct a little social experiment and see what happens. I’m still sketching out the plan but I think it will look something like this…

Gwen’s One Month Social Challenge:

  • Go out and physically meet at least one person/ day for a month.
  • Have a list of potential topics to discuss.
  • Finish off the conversation with a photo of the two of you if they agree.
  • Exchange contact information (if possible), e.g. Twitter handle, email or phone number and send them a follow-up note the next day, plus another one a week later.

I think some of my inspiration for this experiment came from this video I watched recently. I LOVED it so much.

This video made me wish that I was the person who had come up with this idea or if nothing else it made me wish that I was the person who climbed into the ball pit and met someone. So since I don’t have my own portable ball pit, I’m just going to steal the basic concept and a few of the conversation topics for my social challenge (I’ve also added a couple of others).

  • share 3 things on your bucket list
  • what is the one thing that you are most thankful for?
  • share something about you that is quirky, unique or a special talent
  • talk about someone who inspires you
  • talk about one experience that changed your life
  • what would you change about the world if you could change anything?

This is a big project for me. I won’t be starting it tomorrow as I want to throw around a few more ideas first but I wanted to post about it right away before I over-thought things and talked myself out of it. Like I said, the whole thing makes me a little scared just thinking about it, but life is about taking risks and I think this sounds like something I can handle and will hopefully be a positive experience. Stay tuned, I will keep you updated on my plans.



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  3. […] the giving challenge myself right now but reading about it has revitalized my plan to conduct my Great  Social Experiment for real. I’ve added it to my 52 Actions page for the week beginning April 9th so my plan is […]

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