Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

I got some more feedback on my blog recently. The person basically said that they like the way I am doing “A” but they would have done “B” differently. At first I just took the comment for what it was but then as it passed through my mind a little while later I thought that it was interesting that they would give me that feedback at all.

WindingPathYou see, the thing is, this is my personal journey of growth and discovery. It’s not anyone else’s, it’s mine. That means that how I do things may not be the way you would do things and that is OK. If I did it the way that you are doing it then I would probably miss out on some things that are key for me to figure out or learn on my own.

Everyone’s personal journey is just that, personal. You can’t take mine and apply it directly to your life, just as I can’t take yours if you are on one. My path may not be as straight as yours or as crooked, and it may have a few circles back around that were unexpected, but like I said earlier, that’s OK. As long as I am moving forward, as long as I am accomplishing what I would like to accomplish or heading in the direction that I want to head then everything is going just as planned.

The perfect journey to personal growth and discovery is only perfect for you.

So any of you that are following along on this ride, if you see something that I am doing that you like, feel free to grab it and make it your own. If you think I am doing something wrong, keep it to yourself because it just happens to be the right thing for me 🙂


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