Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Great Things About Me

My blog seems to have become a place where I talk about my negative traits, like over-thinking, being guarded, lacking motivation, etc. Today, I have decided that I am going to flip things upside-down and list some things that are great about me. I have been feeling positive more of the time lately so a little self-love seems to be a great way to continue with the happy thoughts.

Here we go:

  1. I am strong.
  2. I am reliable.
  3. I am smart.
  4. I am funny and fun.
  5. I am honest.
  6. I am a great mother.
  7. I am creative.
  8. I am kind.
  9. I am a good writer.
  10. I can deal with life’s curve balls.

It’s funny how easy it is to pick out your own faults but takes a bit more work to remember your strengths. I know I have other good qualities but coming up with 10 seemed to be a feat (I actually looked at my resume but then decided maybe this wasn’t the place to mention that I have good attention to detail, or maybe it is, lol).

Snapshot_20130212_7One last one, I have great hair, is that a characteristic?

I think that maybe this is an exercise that many of us need to do more often. Just like we need to create a gratitude journal or gratitude habit, I think we also need a habit where we think about our strengths instead of our weaknesses. I mean, it is great to be aware of areas where you need self-improvement but if we only talk about those then we are creating a negative mindset about ourselves.

Please take the time to list at least one great trait about yourself in the comments below. We all have them so share some with me!!


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