Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Birthday Extravaganza

Birthday-fireworksI have to say this has been a pretty fine birthday weekend.

My kids frosted up some cakes for me yesterday which were delicious. The outpouring of birthday wishes from my Facebook friends and family was great. Even Google wished me a happy birthday, lol. And last night, one of my awesome friends surprised me by taking me to see Little Shop of Horrors put on at the Playhouse after which we met more friends for drinks.

Today there were decorations, board games, a simulated trip to DisneyWorld, more cake, presents, and my oldest and I are off to see Mariana’s Trench tonight after we grab some donairs for supper. Seriously, this birthday weekend will be tough to beat.

I am super lucky to have people who love me in my life. Sometimes you can feel pretty alone but other times love can surround you like a giant hug. I am enjoying my hug this weekend. Hopefully it will envelop me all week and then next weekend I get to see my family for Easter – woot! More love hugs!!

Thanks to everyone for making me feel special, I love you all!

Edit: If you have a chance to see Mariana’s Trench in concert, you should go, they put on an amazing show!!


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