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Photo Shoot Fun

We had a lot of fun doing our photo shoot today!

I have a friend who takes photos as a side business and one of the fun things she does is create photo booth shots. Basically this just means bringing some fun props and letting people goof around. So that was the plan for today. I let the kids pick their own props and they had a great time dressing up and posing. There were archery, cowgirl and mouse pictures and even some weird creepy guy who photobombed some of the shots :). We had a great time!

Then when it was almost over they decided that they wanted to play photographer too. So even though I wasn’t planning to have my picture taken, here’s my best shot of the day.

DSC_3475My kids and I are not professional photographers, nor do we have any fancy equipment. We used a sheet as a backdrop and posed near the window so we could take advantage of the natural light. Of course I should have ironed the sheet but the pictures turned out pretty good in spite of the wrinkles.

So if you are bored one afternoon I suggest grabbing your kids or friends and some goofy hats, sunglasses or fake moustaches and then taking tons of photos. I doubt you’ll regret it and I bet you’ll end up with some pictures you love!


Comments on: "Photo Shoot Fun" (2)

  1. Love this shot!!

  2. Thanks Regan! My oldest took it!

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