Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

You Have the Choice

In the process of living life, we often get caught up in a daily routine, so much so that our actions, thoughts and reactions become automatic. At a certain point, several of us begin to want something more than to blindly go through the daily sleep, eat, work, repeat existance. We want to feel something more than a void where our passion used to be. Or we begin to wonder what the real purpose of life is or to try to figure out what we are doing on this planet. This desire to reinvigorate our lives or become more self-aware often means change… and change is hard.

Change requires work. Becoming more vital requires us to become aware and pay attention to our surroundings. We need to see how we process the world currently and also realize that we are not the centre of the universe.

There is nature all around us waiting to be felt, breathed and experienced. There are people that we interact with that have feelings, thoughts and concerns. The person that is annoying us may have problems at home or the distracted guy blocking traffic may have just lost his job.

Revitalizing ourselves needs to start with becoming aware of our own thoughts and feelings and how we process input and how we make choices. For the longest time, I never tried to change my thoughts, if I was in a bad mood, I was in a bad mood. If I was feeling anxious, then I was feeling anxious. I have come to realize that through mindfulness I CAN redirect my thoughts. I can choose to not think about something that is making me tense or worrying about something that I have no control over.

But learning how to unlearn your bad habits is a journey. It is not something that you can change overnight, it takes repetition to create new habits and it takes reminders to keep focusing on being aware until it becomes part of your daily practice. I constantly have to remind myself to live in the present, to not worry about the past or future and the more I do it the better chance I have of choosing my own routine.

This video explains it all more eloquently and more interestingly (nice word, eh?) than I can so watch it, don’t just do what you have always done to cope with life, be more aware and if you are a goldfish in a bowl keep reminding yourself that “This is water, this is water, this is water.”


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