Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

There’s this guy that I’ve been out with four times now and we’re going out tomorrow night as well. He’s quirky but nice, so far I like him. He has a few issues, I mean who doesn’t, but one of his almost resulted in us not going out more than twice.

He’s a computer nerd, you know, the type that likes to hack out some Linux code in his spare time. So he’s a bit quieter than the type I normally go for but the chatty type doesn’t seem to be working for me so I thought I would try to broaden my horizons. And in terms of being quiet he extends that to all communication. I mean I rarely hear from him in between dates. He doesn’t like to text and has yet to phone me even though he has my number. I am taking his lead on this so far as his aversion to texting resulted in a misunderstanding that lasted a couple of weeks and almost resulted in us not seeing each other again. However, the lack of communication makes him seem like a casual friend as opposed to someone who kisses me good night at the end of a date.

I guess maybe this is what casual dating is, two people hanging out and enjoying each others company and at the end of the night a quick kiss and then not hearing from them for several days. It’s different than what I am used to. Normally, I only go out with guys that I am interested in pursuing some kind of relationship with, and things accelerate a lot faster than this, at least there is more communication. I’m not saying I’m not interested in pursuing a relationship with this guy but I’m not sure if that is where this is going. Perhaps this is just taking it slow. I don’t know, it seems a little foreign to me.

Did I mention that he is moving at some point in the not too distant future, date still TBD? He is leaving his current job at some point (it is a process) and moving closer to his daughter. I get that, it’s one of the things that I like about him, that he wants to spend more time with his daughter. But it also makes me wonder if this will only just be casual dating. And I wonder how I feel about that fact. (Of course I need to over-analyze everything, it’s what I do.) Perhaps casual dating is good for me to try on for size, maybe the reason I haven’t found anyone great yet is that I try to rush everything.

I guess I am just thinking out loud about this whole thing and perhaps the reason why I am evaluating it is because I am meeting another guy tonight for our first meet-up ;). I feel like it is ok since things are so casual with guy #1 so far and there is no indication that it will turn into more than it is, especially with his impending move.

Plus, I have no expectations for tonight,  in fact if it is a bust I am hoping I can still make it to my badminton group after. If it isn’t a bust I guess it’ll be worth missing badminton for, lol.

If anyone wants to share their two cents on casual dating I’d love to hear it.


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