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Waterfall Hunting

For the past several days I have tried to find someone to go waterfall hunting with me but since there were no takers I was forced to go on my own. Even the computer guy blew me off (which isn’t exactly a strike on my 3 strike policy but he didn’t earn any brownie points by cancelling). Anyway, as I was wandering around the woods on my own I realized that it probably was not the best idea to be out there solo, but since I didn’t figure this out until I was already in the woods, I just kept on going. I’d checked out this beauty before so it wasn’t hard to find and not too far off the beaten path.








I love a good waterfall and I hope to go track down some new ones soon. There are supposed to be quite a few in this great province so hopefully I can find a partner in crime to go with me or I’ll just have to force my kids to suck it up and come with.


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  1. […] is a question that started swirling through my head last night after I got home from my waterfall hunt. I’m not feeling sorry for myself and thinking no one would miss me if I was gone. People […]

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