Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Potluck Planning

potluckMy Revitalizing Me plan for this year involves creating more meaningful relationships, so with this goal in mind I organized a potluck.

I invited a bunch of girlfriend’s over to eat, drink and be merry… and that plan was all fine and dandy when it was two months away, or even two weeks away, but now it is this weekend! There is no more procrastinating, I need to come up with an actual plan and get ready and I only have 5 days to do it!

I’m quite sure I will be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off all week as I begin the pre-panic phase of this endeavour. Top of my to-do list is clean the house (have I mentioned before that I am a bad housekeeper?). I should probably start on this task immediately as my house always looks like a small tornado just passed through moments ago.

Next, I need to figure out what a good hostess has on hand at one of these things. The only time I have a large group of people at my house is for an annual family gathering and since they are family they don’t care if I have to run out and pick something up mid-get-together. I would prefer not to leave my house mid-potluck though as there is the possibility that I could be drinking extensively :). Perhaps extensive drinking should be my whole plan and then I won’t care when my friends realize I can’t even organize a small potluck.

I will have to have my own dish for the potluck… chilli and store-bought rolls seem like an easy option. They fill the requirements of being filling in case all the guests bring booze and no food but they also have the possible side-effect of flatulence. How does one weigh the pros and cons of satisfied farting guests with hungry non-smelly guests? Maybe I should think on that one…

I will need to have some booze and non-alcoholic beverages available as well. It’s BYOB but a good hostess should have some drinks on hand… which brings me to coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t own a coffee maker or coffee supplies. Do you think I should borrow a coffee maker or just send the designated driver on a Timmie’s run if someone needs caffeine?

I’m sure my friends will be gracious and everything will be fine, however, some of these women don’t know each other. Are ice breakers required? Or some attempt to make the evening entertaining other than just hanging out? I have some cards and board games or maybe we could have an air hockey tournament. Do people still play charades or some form of Win, Lose or Draw? Please post your entertainment option in the comments below, they can’t be any worse than my ideas.

In theory, I’ll manage to get everything organized in time and it will be a raving success, however, on the opposite side of that coin, I could end up with a group of gas-filled, drunk women who are singing off-key 80’s love songs in a Rock Band induced haze. Actually, that doesn’t sound too far from success :), wish me luck!!


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