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Interview #3 of 3

I finally had my last interview for this job at the airport, a process that has taken over a month so far and they said that it will probably be another 2 weeks before they make a decision! Wow!

I have no idea how it went. I was there over 2 hours. The actual interview was over an hour and then there was a writing portion that took me another hour. I don’t think the writing portion was supposed to take me that long because they kept coming in and checking on me so not sure how they felt about that. But I had to write a press release for them, a creative brief, and a blog post. How quickly do they expect those to be cranked out?

I spoke to the placement agency guy after and he said the airport said my interview went well. I still have to do an online test for them before it is all over but I haven’t gotten the link yet so I guess that will be this upcoming week.

I thought I might be one of a very few being interviewed for the job since the placement agency was doing the initial screening, however when I asked the airport folks about it they said that they expected to interview about 5 or so people. They even told me that the job posting is still open and they are still collecting resumes. The position has been empty for over two months, as in no one is there doing the job. So not sure what kind of a mess it will be when they finally fill the position. I guess they are in no rush.

I also applied for a job an hour away from where I live. A friend works there and put in a good word for me so we’ll see what becomes of that. I would prefer not to commute an hour in each direction so we’ll have to see what happens. I have been asking for an abundance of good jobs that I will like, I should have mentioned that I would also like them to be close to where I live. It’s important to be specific in those kinds of things I guess ;).


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