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Potluck Aftermath

The potluck was last night which actually turned out to be dinner for 4 so I probably could have fed us instead of making it a potluck. Oh well, the company was fabulous and even though none of the ladies knew each other, everyone got along well and it was great to just sit around and chat. One of the goals this year is to create more meaningful relationships and I think along with that is strengthening the ones you already have. Everyone gets so caught up in their daily lives that we don’t make enough time to just hang out with friends. So I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hang out and talk :).

I should probably do it more often too as it forces me to clean my house which is a great side-effect of having friends over. My house looks pretty darn good right now so it’s ok for me to slack off ;). Who’s kidding who? A messy house never keeps me from slacking off, lol.

As a matter of fact, I don’t know how I will fit all the slacking off into my schedule once I actually get a job. I wish I could interview for a job now that doesn’t start until September and then I could have the summer off. Unfortunately that is not the way it works. Mind you if the current weather is any indication of this summer’s weather it is going to be pretty wet and chilly anyways so maybe I don’t want it off. Perhaps I should add wishing for an abundance of sun to my daily mantra!


Comments on: "Potluck Aftermath" (2)

  1. Potluck was amazing! Thanks so much for organizing it Gwen, it was great to meet some new, very cool, women and I really enjoyed the conversation. (Your house looked fantastic too).

  2. Thanks Jess, so glad you could make it. I have some pretty cool friends 🙂

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