Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Month 5 Check-In

The year is zipping by, I cannot believe that May has come and gone already. I’m feeling much better than when April came  to a close. I started a daily mantra about welcoming abundance into my life and I feel that this is affecting my mood so it must be bringing me more joy. I’m feeling pretty positive for the most part even though I’m still unemployed. Perhaps the warmer weather is helping, or maybe my 30×30 challenge for the month of May made the difference. We don’t live in a vacuum so it is hard to say exactly what has made the difference in attitude but I will take whatever it is and try to hang onto it :).

May 2013

May 2013

I’ve managed to lose another pound this month but I think it is more likely the result of luck than a planned effort. So that means a total of 11 pounds lost since Christmas. I think the pictures actually make me look like I am gaining weight, I guess I need to lose about 30 pounds to notice a difference in these shots. Oh well, all of my clothes from last summer fit so that is a good thing.

Eating more fruits and veggies/ day – May was not as successful as April for eating lots of fruits and veggies but I am going to try to eat more salads now that the warm weather is here. Plus the smoothies, still loving them.

Exercising – I made it to badminton 3 times this month, woot! Yoga seems to have fallen by the wayside so I need to try to make time for it again. Also, some of my long walks turned into leisurely strolls this month as I was focusing on enjoying nature instead of power walking. But I did add some gardening to the mix in there, my flower garden is pretty much done 🙂

Blog 4 times/ week – Still hitting my blogging goal, yay Gwen!

Putting myself out there more and creating better relationships – I had a few friends over one night this month. We just hung out but it was great to connect with some of my girlfriends, one of whom I hadn’t seen in months. I’ve also been in touch with an old friend recently that I hadn’t talked to in ages. He and I have gotten together a couple of times in person and he has agreed to be my date for a wedding that I am attending in June.

52 Actions – I’ve been evaluating the whole weekly goal process. I think that I have been trying to accomplish too much in some weeks which means that I have not been having complete success on the weekly goals. They seem do-able when I create them but when I throw daily life into the mix plus some things that are not on the list, I don’t always manage to get everything done. So I think I will try to limit the goals going forward so I have a better chance of getting them done.

Getting a job – No job yet 😦 but I’m still applying for jobs, something has got to happen soon.

General happiness – I’ve been happier this month. Still feeling a little lonely some days but happier in general.

Month 5 gets a thumbs up.


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