Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

I think I have finished planting my flower garden!!

IMG00568-20130602-2024 IMG00569-20130602-2024

These pictures may not look like much but I am super happy about this project. Last year I had the flower beds put in; I planted some perennials from bulbs but had very limited success. It really didn’t look like a garden, more like two giant mounds of woodchips and I didn’t have a lot of time to make it better. This year, there was no ‘no time’ excuse so I took on the project and made a plan. Once I roughed together an idea of what I wanted, I planted some perennials from plants. They aren’t super full and will take a few years to get bigger but it actually looks like a garden now.

The two bushes I bought cost $35 each so luckily my sister gave me several plants which reduced my costs significantly. She gave me some ivy, turtle’s head, bee bomb, bleeding heart and some hostas. Those plus the 3 that I planted that actually came back this year and a few annuals up front for summer colour, make up the completed garden.

I could add a couple of more annuals (and may still) but my kids have told me that it looks done :).  Now I need to plant a few veggies. I started today with green peppers but also plan on planting some peas and beans, nothing like fresh peas and beans, yum!


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