Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

lunchOne of my goals for this year is to make more ‘people’ connections and to create better relationships.

In a state of delusional loneliness, I thought that perhaps I might reach out to strangers in coffee shops and find out what we have in common. When I came to my senses and realized that was much too far out of my comfort zone, I came up with a new plan. The new plan is to have lunch, or coffee, or a drink with one of my Facebook friends who is either really just an acquaintance or is a friend I have lost touch with.

So on that note, I had my first ‘Facebook friend lunch date’ today with a woman who I have a couple of things in common with, and although we don’t know each other well, I always felt like we should try to get to know each other better. We are both single Moms in our 40s, and it’s not that easy finding single friends so I said, “Let’s do lunch”.

Well, it was supposed to be lunch except apparently she doesn’t eat lunch these days. She is doing some kind of new-fangled, diet-type thing called Fast-5 and she is only allowed to eat during a 5 hour window in the day. Apparently, our lunch meeting did not fall within her allotted eating time, lol.

Unfortunately, our get-together did not really feel like a getting to know each other kind of thing, it seemed more like a venting session, and it was not me doing the venting. We did talk about a few things besides her desire to find another job but not much. And then the hour was up. It doesn’t take long for an hour to fly by, even when no one is eating :).

It really wasn’t all I had hoped for. I guess I was hoping for a connection of some type, but really it was just two people chatting. That doesn’t mean we won’t get together again,we both have each other’s numbers and left an open invite so it could happen. If I was to rate this the way I would rate someone I met through online dating, I would definitely go out with them again. Perhaps some kind of activity might get us away from the whole work tirade, or maybe she was just having a bad day, it happens.

Who knows, my lunch today could be the start of a deep friendship, we’ll just have to see how it plays out. The point is, I put myself out there and took the first step to see what would happen, which is a good thing. As for lunch #2, I am trying to re-connect with some folks I used to chat with quite regularly. I have put out two different lunch requests but have not heard back from either yet, luckily I have a week to get things figured out.

Wish me luck on my next lunch. And feel free to re-connect with one of your old friends or see if an acquaintance is really a friend you just don’t know about yet :).


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  1. […] The first meeting was lunch. The woman I met was more of an acquaintance than friend so I had great hopes. I always thought we might hit it off if we had the time to chat, I don’t think I’ve found my new best friend but I’m still really glad I made the effort to connect with her. […]

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