Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve been thinking about my whole job search experience.

At first I thought that perhaps the reason I hadn’t gotten a job yet was because I was supposed to be on this journey of self-realization or reflection. However, on this day when I am feeling a little less than happy (and like my journey has not been that successful), I’m thinking that the reason I don’t have a job yet is because I am sucking out at the interviews. I mean I have been getting some interviews, so my resume can’t be the reason… it must be my interviewing techniques.

I’ll admit, I haven’t interviewed for a job in about 6 years. I lucked into my last job without much of an interview. My previous boss had recommended me before I even arrived so the ”interview” was spent mostly telling me about the job as opposed to asking me questions.

I have an interview on Tuesday of this week. It’s for a job that I’m not sure if I really want or not. The job itself could be interesting but it involves an hour commute each way and I have no idea how much it pays. However, I am tired of not getting any offers. It’s starting to make me feel bad about myself  :(. I am trying harder to prepare for this one but I think my downfall is the whole situational question, you know, “describe a time when you… blah, blah, blah”. My memory is not the best so I struggle with finding a good example for this type of question. And they always want specifics as opposed to generalities.

Anyway, I have prepared a few answers in case they ask any of 9 specific questions. If they ask anything else, I’m doomed I guess, lol. I figure that if I have a few prepared answers perhaps that will help me with the interview. It can’t hurt, right? I have also come up with a good question to ask them during the interview. I was reading up on interviewing techniques a little bit this past week and one suggestion was to have better questions for them. So in theory, I have a better plan than before, and hopefully this interview will be successful.

As for the job at the airport, it has been 3 weeks and I have heard nothing. I’m guessing that I didn’t get it. If they had been excited to hire me then I would have heard by now. I’m going to go with the premise that not getting it is a blessing in disguise as I heard there was the potential for big issues with that job. That sounds like a good premise, right?


Comments on: "Do I Have Good Interview Skillz?" (2)

  1. If they ask a situational question that you haven’t got an answer for, just answer a different question that you have prepared, ie “Oh, I can’t think offhand but recently I was in this really unusual/challenging/whatever situation where….”. That way at least you’re telling them something and chances are it will distract them from their original question. It might not work but it’s better than floundering or saying nothing. Be positive and good luck!

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