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Dating By Text Sucks

textingLast night I was talking (or texting) to the guy who I’m “dating” for lack of a better word. Things are light-hearted as per usual until he tells me that he misses me, in fact, he says he misses me all of the time. This is the same guy who blew me off Friday night to go to his friend’s cottage. And after he tells me that he misses me all of the time, he tells me that he made the wrong decision on Friday and is truly sorry for not seeing me then.

I mean things have been going ok with this guy but he kind of caught me by surprise with all of this last night. I’m usually very guarded with guys and if they say stuff like this to me I often find that they are coming on too strong, too soon. But something is different this time… I feel different this time. I really feel like I could fall for this guy, for some reason we click even though we still don’t know each other that well.

He isn’t perfect, he’s made mistakes. He’s on his second divorce so his decision-making skills have come into question. He watches too much hockey and probably drinks too often but he is honest and charming and thinks I am just his type. I’m wary though, I don’t want to get my heart broken again, it took me so long to get over it last time. Did I mention that he is on his second divorce? He only separated about 6 months ago so my first thoughts are that he is just feeling lonely and depressed, I think I would be feeling lonely and depressed after my second failed marriage…

It’s hard for me to gauge what is happening here and I’m feeling a little confused by the whole thing. The medium told me I should meet him in person and ask him what his intentions are. I don’t have my kids next week, so in theory, I should be able to see him one night soon but guess what? He is on vacation with his kids next week, lol. He isn’t going anywhere but they are with him all week.

Perhaps figuring out what is going on would be easier if we weren’t dealing with the whole long distance thing, or perhaps it wouldn’t. But I do know one thing, dating by text sucks.



Comments on: "Dating By Text Sucks" (4)

  1. sexinthecincy said:

    I personally am against texting as a relationship. Read my post below and it’ll tell you more.


    • I know what you mean, and normally I hate it too as it rarely works out well. I haven’t been a phone person for years and texting offers me a way to avoid it even more. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, it just is what it is.

  2. […] A few days later I decided to give Kirk another chance. Not so much because he’s perfect for me, but because he had managed to lodge himself into my head with his most recent batch of messages. We decided to meet again. It went well again. And then after a few weeks it didn’t. Things somehow managed to continue to progress but it just really became a process of dating by text. […]

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