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July Challenge

I spent the long weekend at my sister’s place. The house was filled with 14 people who arrived with an abundance of food, which in turn, meant that we all ate too much. There was also an abundance of games, laughter and stories but the point of this post has to do with eating.

During one of the many meals, I was talking to my sister-in-law (for lack of a better term) and she told me how she had lost 8 pounds in the past 5 weeks following Weight Watchers. Prior to the weekend, I had lost 12 pounds in 6 months (I have a feeling it will only be 11 pounds once I weigh myself for the end of the month check-in tomorrow). Her Weight Watchers success got me thinking about trying a little harder to take off a few more pounds in a shorter period of time. I mean, I really have done nothing to try and lose weight except to eat better and to exercise a bit more and some days I have made a pretty half-hearted attempt at both.

ClockFaceSo my challenge for July is to eat a salad or drink a smoothie every day of this month. I’m also going to try to continue the plank a day challenge that I did for the month of June. The planking challenge has been fairly successful I think. When I started the month I could only plank for about 20 seconds, during my attempt today, I more than doubled it when I passed the 50 second mark. In addition to both of the above, I’m also going to try to keep up the semi-regular exercise, but the key focus this month will be to eat those fruits and veggies! Wish me luck!


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