Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Month 6 Check-In

Month 6 of this little project has come to an end and I actually feel that I have made progress in the big scheme of things. My daily mantra about welcoming abundance into my life may or may not be working but it seems like the right thing to do so I am continuing to repeat it at least twice/ day. Most days I’m feeling pretty positive and even when I’m not, I’m at the stage where I can usually remind myself to focus on the present and enjoy what is happening right now.

I didn’t bother with a picture this month. Before the weekend I was down another pound which would have made it a loss of 12 pounds in 6 months. Due to the holiday weekend at my sister’s, I gained 3 pounds, so my loss for the 6 months is only 9 pounds and I’m up 2 pounds over last month. I’ve given myself a challenge for July so hopefully that will get everything back on track.

Here’s the round-up for the rest of my overall goals:

Eating more fruits and veggies/ day – I’d have to say that I was not consistently eating more fruits and veggies this past month, however, my plan is to rectify that for July.

Exercising – Badminton finished up last week for the summer 😦 so since I will not be playing I’m going to try harder to get more walking in. As for yoga, I’m not sure what happened there, it seems to have slipped off my radar.

Blog 4 times/ week – Pretty on target here, I did have one week with 3 posts and one with 5, so as you can see, that evens things out. Good job Gwen!

Putting myself out there more and creating better relationships – I went to a wedding in June so got to hang out with some of my friends there. Plus had lunch and coffee with a couple of folks I know. Visited my family for the long-weekend and pseudo-dating someone for lack of a better word. We text lots but see each other very little. I’m not sure this thing is going anywhere, it’s very frustrating.

52 Actions – I probably got half of the things done out of my weekly goals in June. I’m still going to continue on with them but I have also come up with some individual challenges as well that have taken precedent. I will do my best for July!

Getting a job – I still do not have a job after 8 months of joblessness. I have recently interviewed for a job and been told that they want to hire me but there are politics involved. As each day passes it looks less and less promising so I am back to the drawing board.

General happiness – I think I am good overall. I find the new dating thing a little frustrating, I also broke up with one of my “friends” this month but in the process realized that I have real friends who are there for me.

Month 6 is a continued success :).


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