Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

life-is-better-at-the-beach I was having a hard morning yesterday. The night before there was a misunderstanding with the guy I’m seeing (that’s what happens when you try to have a relationship by text) so when I woke up I was still feeling a little upset. Then I saw (on Facebook) that my ex broke up with his girlfriend, or she broke up with him, I have no details. At first I was happy because I figure if I’m doomed to be perpetually single then he should be too. But shortly after, I realized it didn’t make me happy, it just made me focus on the whole single thing again.

I wish I could learn to be happy by myself. I mean, when I hang out by myself, I’m ok for the most part. I just really want a partner to do things with. It’s more fun to do things with someone else.

Anyway, all of that is beside the point, the point IS that I was cranky all morning. When I’d finally had enough of myself I packed up the kids and we hit the beach. It’s not much of a beach, a small lake with a bit of sand but it did the trick.

IMG00620-20130704-1442 IMG00621-20130704-1443 IMG00622-20130704-1443

Gradually I started to feel better. I went in the water, I soaked in some rays, I chatted with my kids. It did take a little while but nature definitely won out and changed my state of mind. I’m glad I went, the beach has always been good for my soul.

Life really IS better at the beach!

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