Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

I guess I am destined to write more posts on the joys of dating in your 40s and the circus that is online dating.

After writing a lovely post the other day stating that I was open to possibilities, I’m hoping that feeling more open has more to do with me and less to do with Kirk. Reason being is that Kirk is no longer in the picture. Two night’s ago he went to his ex-wife’s to celebrate his step daughter’s birthday since he had only seen the kids a few times since the split. Yesterday he told me that he wasn’t sure if he was over his ex yet. Sigh.

It’s my own fault. I knew that he was only 5 months separated when we started seeing each other. Of course he assured me that he was happier without her. But I am a prime example of how long it can take to heal a broken heart, I’m an extreme example actually. Based on my own overly-long experience I should have known that he was in no condition to be dating. Ok, I did know. But I clicked with him and I actually click with so few people in the realm of dating that I let it slide…

This whole thing makes me think of the Taylor Swift song, I Knew You Were Trouble. I feel lame quoting a Taylor Swift song when I’m 44 years old but I guess today I’m lame, lol. Shame on me.


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