Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

I decided to hit the online dating site today. It’s still as horrible as I remember. Here’s what happened:

  • Nothing as per usual for the first little bit, lol.
  • Then I messaged 2 guys, who each replied once but then not again.
  • A guy who cannot form complete sentences sent me a note. I read his profile and when I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about I decided not to reply.
  • A guy who I used to date messaged me and asked me if I was interested in having sex with him, not dinner or a movie, just sex. I politely declined.
  • A younger guy aged 33 messaged me. He’s an electrical engineer, articulate and had good manners. We talked for a bit, he even asked to meet me…. right before he told me he had a girlfriend.
  • A second younger guy messaged me, 36 so closer to my age. In his first note, he told me he liked me a lot. By his fourth message he wanted me to invite him over to my place…
  • As a last ditch effort, I sent a message to 3 other guys. 1 replied a few times, the others, well who knows if they will or not.
  • And right before I could sign off for the night, this guy that I chatted with awhile back messaged me. I wasn’t interested then and still not now 😦

If I was looking for a hook-up I would call tonight a success, pretty much 3 offers in a very short period of time. Since I’d like to be treated like a lady, I’d have to call it a big FAIL. Better luck next time I guess.


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