Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

August Challenge

I came across a blog post on Dumb Little Man called Don’t Waste Another Day! Get Motivated With 8 Ways To Put A Rocket Under Your Butt And Get 2013 Back On Track! 

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit off track with what I am doing here with this project. I think I have been distracted by the whole dating side of things and have not spent enough time focusing on making myself happy or more positive.  This is a direct quote from my About page: “I’m hoping for more fulfilment, more smiles, more meaningful relationships and better health.” So to directly address the fulfilment, happiness and positivity aspects of my overall goals, I’m going to re-focus and try out some mediation for the month of August. 

Challenge ClockFaceI attempted to meditate months ago but I found it hard and gave up feeling unsuccessful. I re-visited the whole meditation thing last week in my Weekly Actions and felt like I had made a little progress. I found an online Meditation course which seemed to point me in the right direction so I am going to use it in the month of August to help guide me through the process.

I really think that meditation is a valid way to help me achieve personal happiness so I need to give it my best effort. Wish me luck!


Comments on: "August Challenge" (4)

  1. Good luck, Gwen! You can do it!

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