Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

I haven’t even written it yet and I can already tell that it will be full of whining and feeling sorry for myself so just do yourself a favour and skip it. I mean you don’t need to listen to me lament yet again about being single or about being unemployed. If you continue to read, don’t blame me, I warned you to stop.

So here’s the deal. I still DO NOT have a f*@king job. I was supposed to hear this week about my latest interview and I’ve heard nothing so I can only assume that they gave it to someone else. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I’m smart and I have skills, someone should want to hire me.

And now I just want to mope around and have someone look after me or at least hold me and tell me that everyone is stupid for not hiring me but I don’t have anyone in my life either. Kirk is off re-evaluating what he wants and where he is heading with his life and I could care less. It’s obviously not with me or there wouldn’t be so much confusion. So I’m pretty much done with that. It was a sad excuse for any type of relationship anyway.

raincloudSo here I sit on my couch, writing about how I’m unemployable and unlovable. I kind of thought there might be a big plan for me. That there was a reason for this time off, that I was on a journey of self-discovery and something awesome was going to be at the end of my rainbow. But, right now I just see rain, and I’m tired of it. (Did I mention it’s raining outside too? Mirroring my mood I guess.)

I’m not totally out of options though, there is this guy on the dating site that is hounding me to go out. They aren’t good options, but they are options… He doesn’t seem like my type at all as a matter of fact. We met by accident yesterday. I live in a small city. Every once in awhile I actually see the people from the dating site in town. I was heading into Walmart and there he was, I didn’t recognize him at first but he recognized me. Then last night he wrote me and told me that I made his heart flip when he saw me and that he’s nuts about me. Seriously, we do not know each other. I think he might just be nuts.

Luckily, I have a fun day planned for tomorrow. Hopefully it will take my mind off my issues. Plus there will be ice cream cake so if nothing else, there will be ice cream cake, and that is not a terrible thing.


Comments on: "Please Don’t Read this Blog Post" (5)

  1. Ok, I’m telling you, as one of the many people in your life – you are wonderful and people are stupid for not seeing that yet and hiring you for an amazing job. But they will! And there will be an awesome end to this journey after these awful bumps in the road. It will all work out. I know it. Hang in there. Big hugs!! Enjoy your day tomorrow and of course, the cake!

  2. Aw Gwen, you are allowed to vent. I know how discouraging it can get. I know that good things are coming your way because you are smart, funny and a real catch. But I know it’s tough. And it’s definitely not fair. I nominate another venting night at the snooty fox with a Caesar or two.

  3. […] need any specific structure; it can be written about whatever the hell I want including rants, whining and trips to the beach; and I can write it straight from the hip with no editing or second thoughts […]

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