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Haiku Fun

I got creative today. One of the ladies in my writing class challenged us to write some Haikus and another took a bold step and posted an erotic poem that she wrote. So now I have 8 Haikus for your reading pleasure, some of them naughtier than others. I hope you enjoy.

Tongue caresses me

Makes me wanton and hungry

Emboldened by lust


Flesh pressed against flesh

Comforting touch, soothing warmth

Caressing my soul


Gentle sighs emit

Sounds of pleasure and desire

Falling like mist


Blazing sun sharing

The final heat of summer,

Please stay one more day.


Autumn births colours

Of fire: orange, gold and red

In a sea of green.


Toes cannot resist

Lapping waves and sparkly sand.

The seashore beckons.


Soft fluttering lips

Dancing across naked flesh

Barely a whisper


Drunken with pleasure

She succumbed to his fingers

And delicious mouth



Comments on: "Haiku Fun" (2)

  1. […] I can leave it to my kids so they have a part of me later on. On a positive note, I have written a few things that I wouldn’t normally write this past month so that has been a fun exploration […]

  2. […] A friend of mine wrote a very erotic poem the other day. It wasn’t exactly something that I would write but it encouraged me to write some spicy haikus. […]

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