Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Pirate Mom

Not that long ago I used to be a good mother. And it wasn’t just me that thought that. My kids thought it too. Things really started to go downhill about a year ago, once those teen hormones kicked into full gear.

I know, how can I blame being a bad mother on the child? Seems pretty lame.

For some reason my kids drive me crazy faster than before. Yes, there is more bickering and yes, my oldest exudes attitude sometimes and yes, my youngest ignores my requests to get out of bed EVERY SINGLE MORNING but I should be dealing better. I should be finding better ways to cope instead of becoming Pirate Mom all of the time.

pirate mom hat

For some reason I feel a bit off-balance. Actually I’ve felt off-balance for a long time. I think part of this whole blog and year-long project revolved around finding balance in addition to the rest of it. I’ve made changes. I try to be more grateful, I try to be more positive but my kids hit my triggers faster than anyone and I shoot from the hip instead of taking a deep breath before responding.

I love them to death but sometimes I feel like I need an extended break. I feel like I need to run away. I need a little adventure.

Maybe I’m just extra cranky when I’m sick with a cold and I’ll get another chance at being a better mother next week.

Or maybe I need to head off to sea and join the rest of the pirates out there. I hear they don’t mind swearing. “Avast ye mateys.”


Comments on: "Pirate Mom" (2)

  1. ohhh Gwen, I know this post has a serious side to it, but I laughed out loud at the part about getting your youngest out of bed every single morning.

    I think you are a terrific Mom and I’ve had a chance to witness it first hand. It can’t be easy and I think you handle it with a lot of grace! Keep your chin up. (And let’s go drink rum on a beach somewhere!).

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