Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Today, I screwed up. You know, one of those stupid mistakes that you kick yourself for afterwards?


Lemon (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I was at Costco at lunchtime, and rushing so I would be back to work in a timely manner. I unloaded my stuff into my trunk and as soon as I slammed the trunk shut I realized my mistake.

Of course you already know where my keys were. I’m not the first person to make that bone-headed mistake and I won’t be the last either.

I weighed my options. First I thought about calling a friend and asking them to drive me to my house, I decided against that one as I would ultimately be using at least an hour of their time in order for them to do me a big favour. The other options were grabbing a cab to my daughter’s school to get her house key and then to my house to get the spare car keys and then cabbing back to Costco OR calling the local locksmith. It turned out that both options would cost me around $60 so I opted for the locksmith.

During my wait time, the voices inside my head were quick to kick me when I was down and tell me how stupid I was. However, that was when I decided to make a choice not to let them have a free-for-all. I decided that what was done was done, I couldn’t change it, only wait for the fix that was coming shortly. I had gotten myself into a mess but had promptly rescued myself as well. It did take a few minutes for those voices to settle down but I WAS ABLE TO CHOOSE not to berate myself.

I tried to take an even bigger positive approach and see if I could figure out the top 10 things about locking your keys in your trunk… I could only come up with one, having a lot of free time all of a sudden. So even though I couldn’t turn lemons into 10 glasses of lemonade, what I did do was take the lemons and do something else entirely.

I took the lemons and traded them in for something more palatable, perhaps not delicious, juicy mango but something like a nice, crisp apple.Ā Something that didn’t go to the extreme positive but didn’t leave me with a sour look on my face either.

I like it when I get to choose the thoughts in my head.


Comments on: "Sometimes You Can Just Trade in Your Lemons" (2)

  1. Good for you, and courageous to talk down those nasty inner thoughts…it’s hard to do, it’s hard to remember to do.
    I highly recommend CAA, for 60-120 bucks you get a membership, they are a phone call away to rescue you when you have a flat, or lock your keys in your car…they tow your ride, and sometimes will bring you gas (if you have the right membership and are not stuck in Gagetown at midnight)
    Seriously, we have always saved money with their membership, because I have locked my keys in my car many times (once with a baby inside!) They have changed my flat on the side of the highway (which was lucky because my donut tire was also flat and they pumped it up for me) plus other things.
    The math adds up, even though you already spent 60 bucks on a locksmith, that’s it he’s done his work. If you put your next 60 (or whatever membership is) towards CAA, you get to use a locksmith up to 6 times in a year, and have peace of mind for moments like this one. By the way thanks for going to Costco!
    Sheila- and no I don’t work for CAA (or Costco)

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