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I Squashed the Squash

Sporting life

Sporting life (Photo credit: uonottingham)

I was supposed to go play squash this weekend. It didn’t happen. Things just didn’t feel right.

A guy that I used to date a couple of years ago asked me if I wanted to get together to play squash. I said yes because I have always wanted to learn how to play. We had to schedule it for a couple of weeks out due to busy schedules but it just didn’t pan out.

After he asked me to play squash we emailed for a little bit and then I didn’t hear from him for about a week. I sent him a message this past Thursday to confirm the squash game on Friday and he told me that he assumed that we weren’t playing squash because no one confirmed. And then he apologized for forgetting to call me and asked if we could go on Saturday instead of Friday.


I was a little put off by him assuming that we weren’t going instead of confirming one way or the other but I said OK to Saturday anyway. Then he asked me to go grab a coffee afterwards and wanted to know if it was a date. I told him ‘no’ it was not a date as he had just told me the previous week that he didn’t have time to date anyone at the moment. I did tell him that if we felt like coffee afterwards that was fine but we should play it by ear. He didn’t like that answer and said we should just stick to the squash game.

Finally he asked me if we could do it earlier in the day. During the conversation I had told him I was busy with my kids during the day so it felt like he wasn’t really listening to me.

All of this added up to me feeling uneasy about the whole thing. It just seemed like things were not really going to be that different from before.

We had communication problems the last time we dated and I don’t want to get mixed up in something that is going to be basically the same thing as last time. I’ve been there, done that and I hope I have learned enough not to repeat the same mistakes. So, that’s when I cancelled.

His final response: he thought I was being mean. I think I made the right decision.


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  1. I love that you have a blog!!

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