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Hiring the Neighbourhood Kid


Shovels (Photo credit: justintravis)

We had a snowstorm. According to the weather we got 30 cm of snow. It seemed like a pretty deep 30 cm :). Needless to say I was out there shovelling.

One of the neighbourhood kids has taken it upon himself to be a bit of an entrepreneur. This summer he was offering to mow lawns for $20 and today he was offering to help shovel for $5. I had him mow for me this summer. He did a pretty crappy job but my lawn was also extra long due to my lawnmower breaking a couple of weeks before so I let him get away with it. Today, he offered to help me for $5 so I said yes as there was a lot of snow.

Let me tell you that I shovelled circles around this boy. Yes, $5 was pretty cheap but if you are going to offer your services then dig in so you can get hired again.

I’m conflicted when it comes to this boy, I want to support his entrepreneurial spirit. There are loads of kids in this neighbourhood and he is the only one out there making an effort but I also want to pay for a job well-done.

I did give him some advice today. I told him to dig his scoop out of his shed so that he could make more money. The shovel he was using was not up to the snow that was out there today. If I had him shovel on his own, he would have taken 8 hours to do the driveway, easy.

I don’t think I’m going to hire him again since I don’t feel like I get my money’s worth but I feel a little bad about not wanting to hire him in the future. Any thoughts out there? I’d be interested to hear your opinions on the subject.


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