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New Guy In, Old Guy Out

I broke up with Sven yesterday, it was time. He’s a great guy, we have stuff in common and I like him, but we just don’t have enough in common to make it work. I know no one is surprised by this revelation. I’ve been talking about breaking up with him for ages.

However, he has not taken the break-up as an actual break-up, he has taken it more as an opportunity to make some changes based on feedback. He has been texting me more today than he has in ages.

The thing is, we had a big talk the last time we were together and I told him that I wanted to see more of him. He told me he needed his “alone” time.

When I told him that based on that discussion we weren’t looking for the same thing, he said he didn’t realize we were having “that” talk at the time. So apparently in his mind, he’s willing to see more of me if he has to in order for us to keep dating. Or at least that is how it comes across to me. I know he needs “alone” time, I get that. But I need more together time. So as you can see, not enough in common to make this work.

On the other hand, I have met someone else. I’m sure you are wondering how I met someone else when I just broke up with Sven yesterday. Well, I have been browsing the online dating site for a while since I had been planning to break up with Sven since before Christmas. I started chatting with Dan (not his real name) 9 days ago. I actually kind of blew him off at first since he lives 2 hours away from me. I don’t do well with the long distance thing. It really affects your ability to see each other often. However, he asked me the right question, about travel, and then we were chatting.

We actually met for the first time last night. Yes, the same night I broke up with Sven. So my conscience is clear in that I was not trying to date two guys at the same time.

And as for Dan, he is awesome so far. Both of us want to do more travelling so that is a plus. He is super easy to talk to. Things just seem easy (but we have only met once so we’ll see how long that stands). He drove 2 hours to meet me for the first time on a Monday night and he is doing the same thing tomorrow night because he wants to see me again. He says he doesn’t mind the drive. I have no idea how long that is going to last but we’re just seeing where things go and taking one day at a time.

Did I mention that he’s awesome?



Comments on: "New Guy In, Old Guy Out" (4)

  1. Woohoo – yay for Awesome Dan!

  2. Very happy for you!

  3. […] I got myself new boots and recycled an old boyfriend for my birthday. Sven and I went out a couple of times earlier in the week as friends but last night we went on our first date again. It was good, I like him. Is he a perfect match for me? I doubt it, but maybe we’ll be able to be better together this time. He was on his best behaviour last night and is really trying to make up for some of our previous misunderstandings. […]

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