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A Change of Pace in Dating

So Dan and I have seen quite a bit of each other in the last week and a half. (Surprising since he lives 2 hours away from me.) I don’t see how we can sustain the frequency though. But I have decided that I would rather spend some time missing someone I really like than breaking up with him and not having anyone to miss.

Yup, I said it. I really like him. And he really likes me. However, he is insecure about me. He keeps thinking I’m going to tell him that I’m not interested. I guess I’m to blame. I told him right from the start that long distance dating doesn’t work for me. And then I also told him that I haven’t dated anyone for longer than 5 months since the end of my marriage. Perhaps there is such a thing as too much honesty. But what it the point of not telling?

So whether it is what I’ve said or whether he is just insecure or a little bit of both, now I have to try to reassure him that I do like him. I don’t mind though. And hopefully, this is just a phase. Although he did tell me that at around 4.5 months he’s going to start worrying.

Dan and I have really connected. I have not felt this way about anyone in a long time. And apparently everyone is teasing him at work that his feet haven’t hit the ground since he met me. I think he’ll probably meet my kids soon. I can’t really avoid it if I want to see him lots, and I do. It’ll be a bit longer before I meet his. They’re quite a bit younger and I won’t be going to his place as much as he comes here but I’m quite sure I’ll meet them at some point.

This is so different for me. I’m not used to dating someone where I can see a potential future. It’s a nice change of pace. Oh, and by the way, I deleted my profile off the online dating site. I don’t think I need it any more. At least not for now, lol.


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  1. This is exciting!

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