Taking on 2013 and hoping to revitalize my life

Sven and I spent the weekend together. It was pretty fantastic actually.

On Friday night we went out to dinner and then a play. On Saturday we walked around town enjoying the beautiful weather, hung out and talked. During the conversation, it came out that once upon a time he found my blog…. and read some of it. (Just now, I went through some of my old dating posts and most of the recent ones are me complaining about Sven. Oops. I mean things weren’t all bad, we just had a LOT of communication issues.) Hopefully, he isn’t holding anything against me, it doesn’t appear that way. He said he hasn’t read any since January.

Once I learned that he had read some of my blog, I decided that we should talk about some things before he just happened to read some more of my blog. Basically, I was feeling pretty crappy about how many times I wrote about breaking up with him and I also felt concerned with how he would feel about my posts on Dan.

I prefaced the conversation with the reassurance that Dan and I are not getting back together. (In fact, I haven’t talked to Dan since the break up and I unfriended him on Facebook. I wasn’t interested in all of his posts on which cars are for sale.) Then I told Sven that I had been planning to break up with him since before Christmas. I tried to probe and find out how he felt about the two months of our break up. He didn’t really want to talk about things in-depth but we started the conversation which is good. In fact, we talked about it a bit more today.

If nothing else, I feel like Sven and I are communicating better this time around. He’s not good at sharing his feelings, and neither am I, but I’m trying hard to fix that problem and so is he.

Anyway, back to the rest of the fantastic weekend… Saturday night Sven took me to an Art Battle. It was lots of fun. I think part of the fun was the good company and the wine but I enjoyed the evening immensely.

Basically the Art Battle was 4 artists painting for 20 minutes and then the crowd picked a winning painting. There were 3 of these battles and then the 3 winners painted in a final battle. The winner of the finale won $100 and the chance to compete in the regionals in June.

When it was all said and done, Sven actually bought one of the paintings. (The one with the yellow background and green buildings.) We are going to try to go to the upcoming Regional Art Battle. The painting and judging is fun and it is also a great venue for interesting people watching.

IMG_20140412_204226 (1)IMG_20140412_220324IMG_20140412_220815IMG_20140412_212439 IMG_20140412_225105IMG_20140412_225622IMG_20140412_225132

I’m pretty happy with the way things went this weekend. And both of us are looking forward to Vancouver. I think we’ll have a fantastic trip too!

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