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A Funny Thing Happened at McD’s

McDonalds Happy Meal

My youngest likes McDonald’s so every once in a while we go. Today was one of those days.

We got to the cash and I ordered a Happy Meal. The female attendant asked me “Boy” or “Girl” in regards to the toy (not sure why the toys are labelled by sex in this day and age but that is another story). I told her, “My daughter wants the boy toy”. The attendant replied with a straight face, “Don’t we all.”

Let me tell you, the two of us laughed. It was so funny!! (Not my daughter, she was saving us a table.)

A Funny Thing Happened at the Beach

I took my lovelies to my favourite beach yesterday! It’s a 2 hour drive from home but it was worth it. It really is my happy place 🙂

meThere was lots of playing in the sand, splashing, swimming and exploring. An absolutely fantastic day.

Well during this day of hanging out and relaxing there was lots of talking.  My soon-to-be-teen and I were chatting about some of the stupid reality TV shows that are out there. Since we don’t have cable, she was wondering where I was watching one of the shows that I mentioned. I told her that I saw part of an episode at Kirk’s place.

She said to me, “Isn’t he the guy that likes sex?”. EEP!! I almost swallowed my tongue, I mean I didn’t remember having THAT conversation with her! I quickly composed myself and said, “Pardon?” She said, “Isn’t he the guy that likes his ex?” (Say both sentences out loud and quickly, you’ll see how I misheard the first time.) “Yes”, I replied, “that’s him“. (My daughter and I were discussing the challenges of dating on a previous occasion and I shared more than usual, lol).

OMG, I was laughing on the inside for that one. It was too good not to share and since I figured that I had already shared enough with my oldest, you guys get to hear about the funny instead. I hope it made you smile too.

sandBTW, does anyone know why the sand does that when you scoop it out of the water? I’m assuming it has to do with trapped air escaping but the sand was under the water where there is no air….


I Have a Flower Garden!

I think I have finished planting my flower garden!!

IMG00568-20130602-2024 IMG00569-20130602-2024

These pictures may not look like much but I am super happy about this project. Last year I had the flower beds put in; I planted some perennials from bulbs but had very limited success. It really didn’t look like a garden, more like two giant mounds of woodchips and I didn’t have a lot of time to make it better. This year, there was no ‘no time’ excuse so I took on the project and made a plan. Once I roughed together an idea of what I wanted, I planted some perennials from plants. They aren’t super full and will take a few years to get bigger but it actually looks like a garden now.

The two bushes I bought cost $35 each so luckily my sister gave me several plants which reduced my costs significantly. She gave me some ivy, turtle’s head, bee bomb, bleeding heart and some hostas. Those plus the 3 that I planted that actually came back this year and a few annuals up front for summer colour, make up the completed garden.

I could add a couple of more annuals (and may still) but my kids have told me that it looks done :).  Now I need to plant a few veggies. I started today with green peppers but also plan on planting some peas and beans, nothing like fresh peas and beans, yum!

Boyfriend Made to Order

WOOT! I am so excited, it looks like there will be no more lonely nights :). It turns out there is this perfect guy out there for me.

We have so much in common, he likes what I like, he’s cuddly and sweet. He’s a little quiet but that’s ok, he’s the strong, silent type and will always be there for me when I need him. He always has a smile on his face and his positive attitude is glorious!

I can’t wait to snuggle up to him at night and look forward to his smile first thing in the morning.

Would you like to meet him? Well as soon as I learn to knit, you will be the first in line 🙂

Photo Shoot Fun

We had a lot of fun doing our photo shoot today!

I have a friend who takes photos as a side business and one of the fun things she does is create photo booth shots. Basically this just means bringing some fun props and letting people goof around. So that was the plan for today. I let the kids pick their own props and they had a great time dressing up and posing. There were archery, cowgirl and mouse pictures and even some weird creepy guy who photobombed some of the shots :). We had a great time!

Then when it was almost over they decided that they wanted to play photographer too. So even though I wasn’t planning to have my picture taken, here’s my best shot of the day.

DSC_3475My kids and I are not professional photographers, nor do we have any fancy equipment. We used a sheet as a backdrop and posed near the window so we could take advantage of the natural light. Of course I should have ironed the sheet but the pictures turned out pretty good in spite of the wrinkles.

So if you are bored one afternoon I suggest grabbing your kids or friends and some goofy hats, sunglasses or fake moustaches and then taking tons of photos. I doubt you’ll regret it and I bet you’ll end up with some pictures you love!

Crazy Easter T-Partay Day

Not only was today Easter, but we decided to host a little tea party at my sister’s place for my Mom’s 70th birthday. Two events in one day makes for a little craziness but I have to say the day was a big success! 14 of us slept at my sister’s place and then we had an extra 10 show up for the t-partay.

The day started when 7 kids woke up to find all the loot the Easter bunny left them, gathered up the trail of chocolate that was left throughout the house and then proceeded to eat chocolate and candy for breakfast. Eggs benny were consumed by the adults and then everyone immediately went into sandwich making mode.

teacupsMany egg salad sandwiches, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, ham sandwiches, turkey salad sandwiches and little crab pitas were all produced in an hour and a half. Luckily, the plethora of sweets were all made beforehand. Cake, squares, fudge, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered pretzels and Easter candy made up the numerous treats consumed in the afternoon. And of course we had tea: mango, raspberry, chocolate chai, hibiscus, iced tea and a few others.

But the best part of the party was the attire; everyone dressed up with fun hats and outfits. The hats ranged from sunhats to feather-adorned hats to hats with lace and sequins. I think it may turn into an annual event as it was extremely popular with the kids, pre-teens, teens and adults alike. There was even a fun photo shoot done with more props that included sunglasses and mustaches.

For some reason I didn’t  take any photos at the t-partay 😦 but my sister-in-law, who did the photo shoot, is supposed to send me some pictures :).

It was a super fun day and I do hope we have another Mad Hatter T-Partay next year!

Birthday Extravaganza

Birthday-fireworksI have to say this has been a pretty fine birthday weekend.

My kids frosted up some cakes for me yesterday which were delicious. The outpouring of birthday wishes from my Facebook friends and family was great. Even Google wished me a happy birthday, lol. And last night, one of my awesome friends surprised me by taking me to see Little Shop of Horrors put on at the Playhouse after which we met more friends for drinks.

Today there were decorations, board games, a simulated trip to DisneyWorld, more cake, presents, and my oldest and I are off to see Mariana’s Trench tonight after we grab some donairs for supper. Seriously, this birthday weekend will be tough to beat.

I am super lucky to have people who love me in my life. Sometimes you can feel pretty alone but other times love can surround you like a giant hug. I am enjoying my hug this weekend. Hopefully it will envelop me all week and then next weekend I get to see my family for Easter – woot! More love hugs!!

Thanks to everyone for making me feel special, I love you all!

Edit: If you have a chance to see Mariana’s Trench in concert, you should go, they put on an amazing show!!

We Went Sledding!

We went sledding today!


It was great fun and a gorgeous day. I expected the snow hill in our neighbourhood to be packed with kids but no one was there when we got there. That only lasted for about 5 minutes. Several other folks showed up to partake in the outdoor fun as well.

The hill didn’t have as much snow as expected due to most of it blowing off but once we got a few runs in the sliding got better and better. I could have stayed longer but the kids got tired of climbing the hill after many runs.

We took 3 sleds with us and the most popular of the bunch was not the newest more hi-tech one but the old fashioned toboggan. It’s fun to sled together and all 3 of us could easily fit on our big toboggan. We actually could have left the other 2 at home for as much as they got used.

I’m happy the weather cooperated and enabled us to get both of my actions done for this week. Next week involves cleaning my fridge, I may even do that before the weekend since I’ve got company coming on Saturday for a girls night 🙂

Rambling on but Ending with a CAT Video

So this was a good weekend for smoothies and I actually took a walk  in there too. I’m sure none of that goodness was negated by the chocolate I ate. I didn’t eat copious amounts but if I can remember next time that I want to eat some, that the last time I ate chocolate I didn’t feel that great that would be awesome. I seem to have memory loss where junk food is involved though.

Seriously, I have no idea why I crave junk food the way I do. I don’t notice a rush of endorphins after eating it. I don’t have some sense of well-being. More often than not these days it makes me feel sluggish and kind of yucky 😦 But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it. And sometimes I really want it… I’ve also noticed that I am starting to look my age. I have always looked young for my age but I think the years of poor eating and lack of regular exercise are catching up to me. Being chained to a desk for the last 6 yrs has not helped either (mind you it does pay the bills).

When I was a stay at home Mom we were always on the go. Library, beach trips, walks to the park, what have you, we were doing stuff. It’s harder to do stuff when you work 8 hrs a day plus commute. What’s my excuse for the last 3 months? Well, I have none but if I had a 3 year old yanking on my leg we’d be off somewhere. Maybe it’s a mindset. Maybe it’s just having more hours in a day when you don’t work 8 of them.

I’m really looking forward to someone offering me a job so that the last few days that I am off I can just do what I want and not feel guilty for not job searching. Job searching is not something that is done in 5 minutes or less. There are multiple websites to check out, and many jobs to wade through. And then if you do find one that is worth applying to, you need to personalize your cover letter and resume somewhat.  Although, sometimes it all feels like a waste of time. Sigh.

Ok all, sorry for the rambling post today, I just seem to have some rambling thoughts. And since they aren’t really going anywhere, I will end this post and let you go read something worthwhile somewhere else. But so it wasn’t a complete waste of time check out this funny cat video, it starts off a bit slow but hang in there, it’s funny.

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