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My Smart Sister and Her Dating Advice for Me

My beautiful and wise sister, who loves me very much, sent me a little note about my dating concerns with Sven. Basically she served it up hard with a bit of a hit to the solar plexus.

With all of my talk about living in the present, I still need to try a lot harder to practice what I preach. She brought it to my attention that I am thinking too much about where I want or hope things will go with Sven instead of ignoring all that and just enjoying hanging out with him in the here and now. She told me to slow down, not to put things on hold, but to slow my preparations for the future. No one knows where things are going but since I like hanging out with him then perhaps we should continue to do that. She even told me that she heard patience was a virtue (smart ass, good thing I love her).

She continually reminds me about how a friend of ours found love in online dating. Basically, this friend did the opposite of everything she had done in the past. She laid it all out on the line, the good and the quirky, and ended up with someone who she probably wouldn’t have dated before. Now they are planning on having a baby together.

This thing with Sven is very different for me. He isn’t exactly the type I usually go out with, not that I really have a type. But he is much more of a gentleman than many of the others or maybe it’s me who’s different by taking things so much slower than usual. He doesn’t push anything and he lets me take the lead. He’s sweet and respectful and considerate. He thinks I’m pretty awesome even though I’m unemployed. He told me I’ll find a job when I need one. (It’s been 10 months, any time now would be good.) He thinks I’m smart and sexy too, I mean this guy has good taste.

My sister also reminded me that I have invited good things into my life so perhaps I should take a look around and see them. She’s a pretty smart cookie, and apparently she wrote me the ‘kick in the ass’ email all before she had her first coffee. I’m lucky I came out in one piece at the end of it. (She did make me cry though).

After all of that advice I have decided to try to stop thinking so much and just let what happens, happen. As a matter of fact, Sven and I have had a sixth date since the last post and it involved donairs, a board game and several drinks. Yup, I think he likes board games as much as I do ;).

tt_india_boxHe told me he has Ticket to Ride, India – I can’t wait to play it!!!


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