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Rambling on but Ending with a CAT Video

So this was a good weekend for smoothies and I actually took a walk  in there too. I’m sure none of that goodness was negated by the chocolate I ate. I didn’t eat copious amounts but if I can remember next time that I want to eat some, that the last time I ate chocolate I didn’t feel that great that would be awesome. I seem to have memory loss where junk food is involved though.

Seriously, I have no idea why I crave junk food the way I do. I don’t notice a rush of endorphins after eating it. I don’t have some sense of well-being. More often than not these days it makes me feel sluggish and kind of yucky 😦 But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it. And sometimes I really want it… I’ve also noticed that I am starting to look my age. I have always looked young for my age but I think the years of poor eating and lack of regular exercise are catching up to me. Being chained to a desk for the last 6 yrs has not helped either (mind you it does pay the bills).

When I was a stay at home Mom we were always on the go. Library, beach trips, walks to the park, what have you, we were doing stuff. It’s harder to do stuff when you work 8 hrs a day plus commute. What’s my excuse for the last 3 months? Well, I have none but if I had a 3 year old yanking on my leg we’d be off somewhere. Maybe it’s a mindset. Maybe it’s just having more hours in a day when you don’t work 8 of them.

I’m really looking forward to someone offering me a job so that the last few days that I am off I can just do what I want and not feel guilty for not job searching. Job searching is not something that is done in 5 minutes or less. There are multiple websites to check out, and many jobs to wade through. And then if you do find one that is worth applying to, you need to personalize your cover letter and resume somewhat.  Although, sometimes it all feels like a waste of time. Sigh.

Ok all, sorry for the rambling post today, I just seem to have some rambling thoughts. And since they aren’t really going anywhere, I will end this post and let you go read something worthwhile somewhere else. But so it wasn’t a complete waste of time check out this funny cat video, it starts off a bit slow but hang in there, it’s funny.

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