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Coding From Scratch

I took an HTML/CSS course yesterday.

Since I have a blog and have occasionally thought about hosting it on my own, it seemed like a good idea to increase my skills. This one day course was just the thing to get me thinking about coding again and taught me some cool CSS stuff which I had no idea how to do. As a matter of fact, look at what I made!

my websitemy website2The content of the webpage is not overly exciting but I styled it all myself, there was no template. I made my personal image float to the left, centred things, put fancy, rounded squares around my other images, and made the menu bar stick to the top of the page. Plus some other exciting CSS things :P.

I know you’re thinking “this girl is geeky”, but it’s true, I enjoyed myself. It was fun starting with a blank page and filling it up from scratch.

And if that isn’t enough for you, it was social too. I got out of the house and met some new people. I also chatted with some people I already knew who were taking the course. As a matter of fact, I had lunch with one of my good friends this week and neither of us mentioned that we were taking this, and lo and behold, birds of a feather I guess.

This one day course even got me thinking about programming again. I was a programmer a lifetime ago. Those skills have not been flexed in a long time but there are lots of jobs in that field so it’s got me thinking. Not sure how much thinking I’m going to do but thinking nonetheless.


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