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Looking for a Dreamless Sleep

zzzzzzzzEver since I asked my Inner Wise Self to help me dream up the end to my short story I have been dreaming every night.

I know, they say that everyone dreams every night but in my case, I don’t usually remember my dreams. And yet, every day, for the last week, I have woken in the morning with some remnant of a dream hanging on. The problem with this whole scenario is that I’m also feeling pretty exhausted. All this dream remembering is making me tired.

Tonight, I am hoping for a solid nights sleep. I’d love to wake rested and full of energy in the morning. That almost never happens so I’d be happy with no dreams. I want to wake feeling like I actually slept all night instead of running a marathon or catching a train or having a picnic. I’m just making that stuff up, I’m so tired that I can’t retain the dreams for long in the morning, I only know I woke up having them but can’t remember what they are about.

Please, Inner Wise Self, I have written my short story, now I would like some sleep.

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